Tickets will be held at the door but if you want them mailed to you  please click on the button below.  There is only a  $2.00 per “ticket order” charge NOT a $2.00 per ticket charge.  If you order 25 tickets at once the  charge is still $2.00.  All season Passes are mailed with out an extra charge.


Buy Gift Certificates here.  Can be used for tickets, concessions, video and theatre classes, video production services. Great gifts.

Audience Choice Summer Specials.  Tickets are always $3.00 but we have several money saving combos. 1.) 1 ticket and 2 popcorn and 2 drinks only $5.00   2.) 1 ticket and 2 drinks and 1 nacho with cheese only $6.00,  or 3.) 2 tickets 2 popcorn and 2 drinks only $7.00.  Where else can you get entertainment plus concession for two for under 10.00?


Merry Christmas George Bailey

A recreation of a 1945 radio show done live on stage with added Christmas Music $7.00

December 2011

  Best deal is still our season Pass 45.00 for $80.00 worth of shows. CLICK HERE

Song of the Lark

Tickets will be for sale iLater this summer


A flex pass is a 50.00 dollar pass and that gets you 8 Admissions to our shows.  You can use those admissions anyway you want You can come and see one show four times and bring a friend each time for a total of 8 admissions, or you may want to come to 8 different events by yourself, or you may come to 1 performance and bring 7 friends.  The combinations are endless. You can use the pass for 12 months after the purchase or until your 8 admissions is up. The pass can not be used by just anyone you must be one of the guests seeing the show.  That is the only limitation.