ALUMNI  Reunion



    We will be having  a giant Alumni Night celebration for Mr. and Mrs. Reinhart, who turned 80 this year, and what appears to be their last Ross Summer Music Theatre Production (but with boss you never know).  We have many alum in the show, some dating all the way back to the first Sound of Music, along with a lot of new comers that are getting their introduction to theatre they way thousands of area performers have over the past 46 years. Everyone in the cast want to make this a very special production for Mr. and Mrs. Reinhart (boss).  Alumni Reunion Night this year will be Saturday August 1st.  All Alumni will be let into the show at the reduced price  of $8.00 and will be recognized at the end of the show.   Following the show there will be a reception in the little theatre with food, friends, cast members and videos from many old shows (including the 20 year surprise reunion show put on by the alumni).   Please register below so we can have a ticket for you.  You may also just come in just sign in at the Alumni table tell them your name and what shows you were in and buy your ticket. We hope we can fill Reinhart Auditorium with alumni from 46 years and over 70 productions.   If you would like to help in the planning that would be great too.  In the next 10 days we will also have a place where alumni only can buy their special discounted ticket.

When you register the most important information is the name, if you will attend or try to attend, and e-mail so we can let you know of updates and who might be coming.  Also pre registration is not necessary to attend you can just show up. we are just trying to keep tabs on the turnout.

New alumni Pictures up and a brief video highlighting past shows.  Click here to see video click the link in the header marked Alumni Photos to see pictures dating back to the 60’s