A Christmas Carol 2014


M & M Productions and Ross Music Theatre have many holiday entertainment events coming up. Once again they are mounting their lavish production of  Scrooge, the Musical. Scrooge is 32 years in the making. It was first introduced to the area by the late Mr. Jerauld J. Reinhart back in 1982.  There are actual set pieces used in that first production of Scrooge.  New Elements and new cast members are added every year.  "Scrooge" is the musical version of Charles Dickens ' classic "A Christmas Carol" it Reinhart Auditorium in Merrillville, November 29, December 5, 6 at 7:30 and December 7at 3:00 PM.  Tickets range from 8.00 to 14.00.  Many people make this an annual family event. If you have never seen it you owe it to yourself to check out a great evening of family entertainment complete with carolers in the lobby.  If you have seen it before there are enough new wrinkles that the show will seem new again. It is truly a musical in grand form. Cast and crew of over 100, 32 cordless mics, 5 fog machines, hazers, snow. This year new projection and multi media, giant gorgeous sets, multiple moving lights and plenty of wonderful music. It is fun for non theatre goers as well as regular theatre lovers.

It's fast pace and short running time make it an excellent way to introduce children to theatre, music, and classic literature. Every year we have school shows where hundreds of children all ages come and enjoy the show many return with their families. Add to all this fresh baked goods at our concession stand and you have an evening of fun. Even though it is one of the largest most lavish productions in the area we are still the least expensive live entertainment around, with prices about the same cost as a movie. Tickets in advance range from $8.00 to $10.00 and group rates as low as 5.00. We also have ticket specials combing Scrooge with upcoming shows including Merry Christmas George Bailey. Combination tickets as low as $15.00

Scrooge cast is from all over NWI as far away as Michigan City.


Tickets in Advance

Adults $10.00

High School Students

and Seniors $9.00

Children 12 and under $8.00

Special Through November 1st


Order by phone


or email us at

Tickets @m-mproductions.com

you can order from this web site


“We used to go to Chicago to see a musical, but this was twice the show for a third of the price” Jenny Highland

Some of the most breathtaking Scenery I have ever seen, and I see professional theatre all the time. Thome Scererville

“What a great way to introduce someone to musical theatre” Elzabeth Michigan City

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Scrooge Comes To Merrillville !