Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and The Beast will mark another milestone for Jerry Reinhart.  He
will be  directing a grandchild in his summer show.  That makes three
generations of Reinharts involved with the show.   Mike, is the
technical director for the show, while Mike's  wife Melinda plays the
role of Mrs. Potts and is the shows choreographer and their son, Jacob,
is double cast as Chip and their other child, Lucas, plays the foot
stool.  The young man that plays the other Chip is Clayton St Martin
and his father plays the part of D'Arque.  In addition Debbie Trembicki
plays one of the Silly Girls and is one of the Babette's while her
mother co-chairs, the hardest job in the show, the costume committee.
Ella Swinney who has a solo in the first scene also has her mother in
the chorus.  Family involvement is nothing new to Ross Music Theatre.
Mr. Reinhart's 8 Children have all been involved with the summer shows
at one point or another since 1964.  Jacob is no stranger to the
Merrillville Stage  he  appeared in his dads production of Big when he
was a year old. He played Chip last year and was the young boy in
"Scrooge" and also played young "Able in Children of Edan" “But he just
played a baby he didn't really have to do anything so having to learn
lines and songs is all new to Jacob” his father Mike Said. Jerry has
been producing Summer musicals in Merrillville since 1964  At that
time,RSMT was sponsored by the Optimist Club of Merrillville. Large
numbers of children added the Ross Summer Youth Theatre in the 1980s.
In the 1990s, RSMT became Ross Music Theatre and in association with
M&M Productions, headed by Mike and Melinda Reinhart, the theatre
presents 2-3 productions annually for performers of all ages.  Last
summer’s  “Joseph” was Ross Music Theatre’s 37th production.  Since
1994, Ross/M&M have entertained over 80,000 people.  While Ross and M&M
Productions have recreated many of the classic Broadway musicals, they
have also brought many firsts to Northwest Indiana such as an original
adaptation of Harry Chapin’s “Cotton Patch Gospel” and the area
premiere of “BIG-The Musical.”  Our productions of “BIG” was one of the
first two presentations of that version of the show in the United
States.  M & M and Ross also was the first regional theatre to produce
a musical at the Star Plaza Theatre.  M & M/Ross Music Theatre’s
”Joseph”  is still one of the best attended Broadway Musicals to come
to that stage.
 Last year M & M produced the feature film “ Reel Competition that
went to the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival
where it won the “Best Directorial Debut Award”. In 2001 M & M
Productions opened their Center Stage Studio Theatre in Hobart so they
could start doing straight plays and some smaller musicals.  Since that
time they produce up to 6 shows a year and offer 2 -4 children’s
workshops. .  Beauty and the Beast is at Reinhart Auditorium will be
July 28, 29, 30, August 4, 5, 6.  It boasts a cast and crew of over 100
strong including a 24 piece orchestra with some of the finest musicians
in the area. Sets and costumes promise to be some of
the most elaborate for Ross Music Theatre and they have always been
known for beautiful sets.  Visual effects will include everything from
fog and robotic lights to some video projection This is a show for the
entire family.
How do you make a human clock,human tea pot, human tea cup on a cart,
and a living wardrobe and dancing candle stick?  How about singing and
dancing Plates and forks?  Well,  you enlist some very talented costume
designers.  Under the direction of Georgia Nichols and Helene Trembicki
the costume committee has done what ever it takes to make these
costumes work.  Additional designs by Melinda Reinhart, Doug Dlaughter,
Tina Schultz, and Kathy Lessner have set the stage for some of the most
elaborate costumes to hit Reinhart Auditorium.  Not only does this show
incorporate period costumes for the chorus but it has all the costumes
for the enchanted objects.  "The last show that called for this much
specialized costuming for the group was the "Wizard of Oz" and this one
makes that show look easy" said Mrs. Reinhart.  Even Jerry Reinhart had
to get into the costume building act since some of the costumes were
more like set pieces then costumes.  Chip is a little boy in a tea cup
head piece on a moving cart. Steve Elser who plays the clock and has
also helped with  costumes says " It's the only show where you have to
go to Menards to get materials for your costume"  Add these elaborate
costumes with the multi level , multi room enchanted castle that could
only fit on a stage this size, dozens of moving lights, a 24 piece
orchestra, video projection, multiple special lighting sound and visual
effects and you have the makings of an incredible night of entertainment.
    Cast from all over the area
Ross Music Theatre and M & M Productions will be producing Disney,s
Beauty and the Beast to Reinhart Auditorium this July
Pre Production started last August, casting started in March, costumes
began in March, and Rehearsals started in April and the massive sets are
being built as we speak. This show promises to be one of  the Reinhart's
biggest productions
yet. All the costumes are being custom made, a two story castle, 26
cordless mics and  a U Hal full of new moving lights to add to the 12 M
& M and Ross Music Theatre already have.  There are also 5 foggers and
two hazers and video projection used for this production.  Add to that
some wonderful performers, some familiar to our stage and others that
are doing their first show with us.  This cast has members from all
over NW Indiana including Crown Point, Highland,  Hobart, Merrillville,
Portage, and Valparaiso. In addition a 24 piece orchestra will round out
what should be  an incredible  night of family entertainment.
Beauty and the Beast is truly a family affair
Show dates are July 28, 29 and August 4, 5 at 7:30 PM, July 30 and August 6 at 3:00 PM.  All performances at Reinhart Auditorium in Merrillville.  Ticket prices will range from $8.00 for Children 5-12 in advance and same price at the door, $10.00 for seniors and students over 12 years old through 12th grade, 12.00 at the door, Adults 12.00 in advance and 14.00 at the door. Please call 219-769-2864 or 947-4922 or
check the for more information. Also new this year is a
ticket Hot line 219-741-4297