Beauty and the Beast
Ross Music Theatre and M & M Productions presentation of Disney’s
Beauty and the Beast promises to be bigger and more elaborate then last
years.  Director Jerauld Reinhart said “There will be things in this
years production that we wanted to do last year but ran out of time”
Bigger and more elaborate seems hard to imagine when you look at last
year’s Beauty and the Beast by the Numbers.
Beauty and the Beast by the Numbers
300-Number of 9 volt Batteries
125 -Number of AA Batteries
24 -Number of Corded mics
24-Number of cordless Mics
137 -Number of conventional lights
20 -Number of moving lights
2 -Number of Haze machines
4- Number of fog machines
4-Number of Bubble machines
2- Number of gallons of bubble juice used
5 -Number of gallons of fog juice used
1- Number of gallons of haze juice
More then 2 football fields - the amount of Material (over 200 yards)
for costumes
15 Number -yards of foam
over 500 safety pins
552 - Number of hours Mr. Reinhart put into building sets
1500- Number of man hours spent on sets, lights, sound over past
3000- Number of hours put in on Costumes since March.
3000-Number of man hours to build all the costumes.
Gaston sings about... well...Gaston
Belle reads to children in the village.
Beauty and the Beast by the Numbers